Coop Coffee, as mandated from the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff (Kantor Staf Presiden) more over as in Indonesian Constitution (UUD 1945) in the Article of 33 (1) states that The National economy shall be organized on a co-operative basis, to answer the gap between the outstanding number of USD 1.8 billion coffee exporting and about 4 Trillion Rupiah domestic trading figure to the fact of the Indonesian farmers condition that are still under the poverty line.

And Coffee is exactly a clear example. And that is the reason we as part of the Policy Maker thinking and 'creating' Coop Coffee to overcome the long-term 'everlasting' problem happened for our (coffee) farmers.

Of course, Coop Coffee started with a model to analyse and to answer the reasons behind the gap that has been occurred for many long times in Indonesia. And for some reason, Bali is being picked up as a perfect model to be explored to get the answer.

Farming decisions are decided and managed by bureaucrats who know nothing about nature and sustainable economics.

All current farming systems are designed to maximize profits for the 3rd party business agendas while the producers (the farmers) are being pushed more and more into unfair business and energy exchange. The land and the farmers every year are being asked to give more and more while in return are given less and less.

Growing international and public pressure has led to retailers and brands to rethinking their pricing and sourcing strategies. Additionally, the threat of future scarcity of coffee. Nowadays, worldwide is asking more and more transparency and fair coffee trade. In Bali, the disappearing of Kintamani coffee trees is happening now. The climate change issue build a business case for the coffee industry to leverage the full potential of their business practices to contribute to work towards Living Income (and Living Wage) in their value chain.

Coop Coffee beliefs on working together to mitigate rural poverty, as its co-operative meaning: working together.

Again, BALI is one of the province, the Island and the melting pot and world's destination. BALI is the international standard, possible and worth of try and if it is succeed, it will become a domino effect to the others of 30 Geographical Indication of coffee sources across Indonesia with almost of 7 millions of coffee farmers.

Also as part of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in Brussels, Belgium, Coop Coffee works tirelessly this year to revolutionize the coffee industry through technology.